Our goal is to provide you with the unique opportunity to get to know the people behind Krafteam. In addition to our professionalism, we place great emphasis on the human element, as it has the highest priority for us.

You can trust us!

Construction projects, especially in the field of fiber optic and cable expansion, are often complex tasks – but with Krafteam by your side, they become structured, efficient, and enjoyable projects. As a leading company in fiber optic expansion, cable laying, HDD horizontal directional drilling, and civil engineering, we bring not only technical expertise and experience but also a clear commitment to customer satisfaction.



With our strong commitment, we significantly contribute to the expansion of the broadband network in Germany. Since our establishment in 2017, we have been tirelessly working to optimize our processes and technologies and continuously investing in our fixed assets, especially in the area of drilling rigs.

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As a customer, you are part of the team.

At Krafteam, there are no hidden tricks or insurmountable bureaucratic hurdles. Our philosophy is based on honesty, transparency, and the consistent implementation of your projects. We see each new undertaking as an opportunity to demonstrate our skills and grow together with our customers.

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Career at KRAFTEAM

No matter what you’re planning – be it a job, education, or further training – at Krafteam you’ll find the perfect position that suits you. Shape your career at Krafteam and become a valued member of our team. With Krafteam, you’re always one step ahead in your professional journey.