At Krafteam, we unite various specialist fields to offer you a comprehensive range of services – from the meticulous planning and preparation of your civil engineering project, through precise execution, to detailed project documentation. Our extensive experience leads us to continuous success and inspires us to always keep an eye on current developments. We identify trends early, implement innovations thoughtfully, and continuously expand our range of services to meet your needs.
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Project Planning

Our expertise in project planning and preparation ensures that every phase of your civil engineering project stands on a solid foundation. From the initial conception to the creation of accurate schedules, cost estimates, and risk assessments, we lay the groundwork for a smooth project execution. Our specialists utilize the latest technologies for soil investigations, planning software, and project management tools to maximize efficiency and precision, bringing your projects to successful completion.

Fiber Optic Network Expansion

In today’s digital era, fast and reliable internet has become indispensable. The expansion of fiber optic networks plays a central role as it forms the foundation for modern broadband infrastructure. At Krafteam, we have a profound understanding of the importance of this advancement and therefore offer customized solutions for fiber optic network expansion. Our services cover all project phases: from planning and preparation to civil engineering, fiber optic installation, and comprehensive documentation.

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Pipeline Construction

Pipeline construction at Krafteam is more than just laying pipes – it is the combination of customized planning, precise execution, and years of expertise. Our services cover the entire spectrum: from initial consultation and planning, through the use of cutting-edge technologies in pipeline installation, to the monitoring and maintenance of the installed systems.

Whether in urban centers or industrial facilities, our specialists ensure that each pipeline system operates optimally and not only meets but exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Project Documentation

At Krafteam, comprehensive project documentation marks the conclusion of each project while serving as a fundamental resource for future endeavors. We meticulously capture all project data, including detailed reports on construction progress, problem-solving, materials used, and project changes. Our documentation not only provides evidence of compliance with all regulations and standards but also acts as a valuable database for maintenance, further development, or expansions. By utilizing advanced documentation software, we ensure that all information is secure, well-organized, and readily accessible at any time.