Vibratory Plow

The vibratory plow is an innovative method in the field of civil engineering, particularly used for the installation of fiber optic cables and pipes. This technique combines efficiency with minimal disruption to the surrounding terrain, providing a fast and cost-effective solution for underground installation work.

How does the vibratory plow work?

The vibratory plow operates using a combination of vibration and pressure to move through the soil. A specially designed plow blade cuts through the ground, simultaneously creating a channel into which cables or pipes can be laid. The vibration loosens the soil and reduces friction, allowing the plow to move forward with less effort.

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Applications of the Vibratory Plow

The use of the vibratory plow is particularly suitable for rural and suburban areas where quick and straightforward installation of utility lines is required. It is especially useful in situations where the surface structure needs to be preserved, such as in parks, agricultural fields, and for crossing roads.
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