Open-cut excavation

In a constantly evolving technological landscape, Krafteam GmbH strives to be at the forefront of infrastructure development, utilizing innovative solutions to maximize the efficiency and quality of our projects. Our range of technologies is the result of years of research, experience, and a continuous drive to advance progress in the fields of fiber optics, cable, and civil engineering.

Vibratory cable plow

The vibratory cable plow is an efficient device used in open construction to lay cables in less densely populated areas or rural environments. Here are some aspects of this method:

  • Efficiency: Using a vibration plow allows for faster cable laying compared to manual digging.
  • Minimal Soil Disturbance: The vibration technique loosens the soil while embedding pipes or cables without moving large amounts of earth.
  • Reduced Surface Damage: Compared to traditional trenching, the surface is less damaged, reducing restoration costs and times.
  • Versatility: A vibration plow can be used in various soil types and is especially advantageous for laying cables over longer distances.

Asphalt milling machine

Asphalt milling machines are used in open construction to remove asphalt or concrete, creating an even surface for new installations. Here are the key elements of using asphalt milling machines:

  • Precision: Asphalt milling machines allow for precise removal of layers from existing road surfaces to make space for new installations.
  • Speed: Removing old material is significantly faster with a milling machine compared to traditional methods.
  • Recycling: The removed material can often be recycled and used to produce new asphalt, reducing environmental impact.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Due to their fast and precise operation, asphalt milling machines are often more cost-effective than other removal methods.